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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Two

Affiliate Marketing Point 2: Know Where To Find The Best Programs

Now that you have the tools, and you know what type of products you want to market, where do you find the best ones that have affiliate programs? Well, there are multiple places that you can start looking, depending on what your objective is. You must know what your objective is first.

If you plan to use affiliate programs as add-ons, such as upsells or backends to a product that you have, or another high ticket product that you are promoting, you may want to look for inexpensive ‘lead in’ or entry level products, such as ebooks. ClickBank at is one of the best places to find affiliate programs for information products.

If you want to promote hard goods, meaning goods that are delivered via a shipping company or postal mail, there are many different places you can look. First, let’s cover sites that are essentially directories of affiliate programs.


  • Link Share

  • Commission Junction

  • Share-A-Sale

  • Performics
  • Fine Clicks

  • Web Sponsors

  • ClixGalore

  • QuinStreet

  • MaxBounty                           

The majority of these sites are networks, where many different affiliate programs are managed. This allows you to promote a large number of affiliate products and services, and to receive one check for all sales across the network.

Alternately, you can use Google to search for products that you are interested in promoting, and visit those sites to see if they have affiliate programs. This is usually ideal for more specialized products. Also, if you don’t see a link for an affiliate program on the site you are interested in promoting, use the contact email that is usually provided to inquire about the possibility of an affiliate program, or an affiliate arrangement with the company.

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