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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Google Analytics


Every online businessman would be happy to find  himself in a position where he can see and monitor EVERYONE who visits their online site and determine fully what they buy, the cost, quantity and even the number of times they visit.

Monitor your site with Google analytic.
Our website tracking will give you the security you need. You’ll know all that goes on in your site. You’ll also get to know your website data flow and determine its efficiency in SEO.

This is not possible unless you have a system that can help you do such monitoring. Google analytics is the best way to go about this. With Google analytics you will see those who visit our website, their origin and the purchases they make.

We use Google analytics on our e-commerce baton to track all the quotations a customer makes and get a clear plan on how to deliver them, get them to sign up and leave us their contacts. Follow up becomes easy and simple.

You need such a simplified but sophisticated system such as Google analytics webmaster tools to do your business online without  any worries. We’ll provide this service to you hassle free and for just a small fee.
We are achieving over 99% score in Google analytics consultancy service provision. Our uniqueness in understanding both online and offline data is marvelous. This gives our company the right score line to go 100% higher in offering consultancy services on Google analysis and how to analyze web trends.
Our vast experience in Google analytics gives us an upper hand to support clients from all over Europe and other parts of the world.  We have worked on more than three hundred large projects and over 400 small projects in Europe alone.

A rich understanding of you website is necessary for any website - whether commercial or non- commercial. This helps to provide the owner with a clear understanding of his website activities and its effectiveness in marketing. Google analytic tools provide the solution you need to improve your understanding of your website traffic.
Business analytics:
Get real time statistics for your website through website business analytics. Google analytics helps you  frame you adverts in a better way to target the appropriate customer center.
Increase your profit margin.
Get our experts to assist you to add traffic to your site for better business result. We are ready to help with:
-        Installing Google analytic software for better tracking;
-        Analysis of STATISTIC in your site and providing a way forward on each result.

Contact us to be at your service anytime on Google analytics.
We have the right Google webmaster tools that can improve your site analysis and financial analytics. Your website statistics will never be a problem again. We'll solve it completely.
Our package's setup fee is reasonable and fair. We charge a small fee on
·         Data analytics tools;
·         Google adwords setup and management;
·         Webmaster configuration;
·         Website tracking tools.

We give hourly consultation with a small fee of $200 for installation. With Google analytics you are not limited to online information, but you can also track your DATA ANALYSIS in an offline mail site.

Be smart with GOOGLE ANALYTICS. We are there for you, to help you when you are faced with any sort of problem. Our support team works 24/7 to see that none of our clients are unsupported.

Data analysis, web tracking and financial analysis made easy. Google analytics  shows how to connect you to all help centers where you can find help.

Your data flow analysis will be accurate and easy to handle. Webmaster tools are provided for you to give you easy access to related links and back-links.
We are certified to configure your Google analytics in the most reliable way. You will not be disappointed with our services.

You can check our online clients’ feedback to read what they say about our services.

With the correct setup for website analysis, adword Google, WEB TREND and Google analytic tracking tools, you will be able to........
Maximize opportunities for your users,
Maximize on profit and minimize cost per acquisition.
Get all your online business analysis to table.
Under our consultancy services  we train you on several Google analytics. Give us a call today and our dedicated technical team will serve you.

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