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Friday, 30 September 2011

List Building Secret #37

List Building Secret #37 - Get Other Newsletter Publishers To Mention You Constantly

One of the best ways to get free subscribers is to get other publishers to mention you constantly. This build a relationship with their subscribers and when they join your newsletter they will already know a lot about you and be looking forward to receiving your emails.

So how do you get other publishers to mention you in their newsletters? Do something news worthy! Hold a contest, claim to know something no one else does, tell publishers a little tip that you learn and that they are free to tell their subscribers as well.

Build relationships with these publishers and become their friends!

List Building Secret #36

List Building Secret #36 - Send Testimonials To Products You've Used

This is an easy way to get a trickle of new subscribers daily to your newsletter. Whenever you use a product or service you really like, send them a great, glowing testimonial and they will gladly put it up on their website and put a link to your website with it.

The trick here tho is to get as many people who read your testimonial to your website and to subscribe to your newsletter.

The best way to do this is to register a new domain name solely for catching subscribers from testimonials, something catchy, and put a name squeeze page as your main page.

You will slowly get a nice stream of new subscribers everyday for as long as the product or service is selling for.

List Building Secret #35

List Building Secret #35 - Give Permission To People To Use Your Newsletter In Their Own Works

Tell people who are already subscribed to your newsletter that they can pass the newsletter on to friends and also use parts or all of your newsletter in their ezine.

Of course you would get credit and a link back to your site. This is sort of like article writing, just with your newsletter issue in replace of your article.

List Building Secret #34

List Building Secret #34 - Setup A Continuous Thank You For Subscribing Page

This is something that no one is doing at all that I know of and I'm pretty sure no one is doing it at all or ever.

As you know, when someone signs up for your newsletter at your website, they are then taken to another page that confirms their subscription.

Most people just put something like "Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, why not check out this product" and really don't make use of this extra bit of advertising that they have to use.

The idea I've been tinkering with is to setup a continuous thank you page. After your subscriber signs up for your newsletter and they go to your thank you page, why not offer them a chance to sign up for another newsletter or E-course you might have.

This way, you could possibly get the same subscriber on 3 or 4 of your lists. So everytime they subscribe to one of your lists, they are taken to another thank you page that asks them to subscribe to another of your lists, and so on.

I think this is a great idea and it's something I will be using a lot of.