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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Online Payment Portals For Your Online Business

Is Using an Online Payment System a Good Decision for my Online Business?

There are many online payment services today which provide you with an alternative way to traditional payment methods.  So unlike banks and credit card companies, services such as PayPal and CheckFree no longer require a business to have a merchant account.  In fact, using services like this not only provides a quicker way for money to be paid online, but it is more secure than having someone sending you a check or cash.  This is because the funds are electronically transferred to your account with them in order to settle any transaction made.

Such services have become especially popular among those who use online auction sites (such as Ebay), but also many other online businesses are now beginning to see the advantages of these services as well.  However, what is important to know is how they work, and how to avoid any potential problems that may arise.

Such services use a relatively simple process in order to transfer money from one person to another.  What you need to do is set up an account providing enough information which should include your real name, email address and credit card or bank account details (which are used to verify your identity).  Then, in order for someone to pay you, they enter your email address and the amount of the transaction in question.  This is then paid into your account, and can either then be transferred to your bank account, or a check can be sent to you.

However, many of the payment services will charge a small fee in order to transfer funds.  For example, PayPal charges you up to 2.5% for each transfer that they make (but this all depends on the amount).  But what should be remembered is that these fees are probably less than what you would normally pay for a credit card merchant account.  Also, such services can be especially helpful when you need to arrange for small repetitive payments to be made to your account, such as affiliate rewards and commissions.

But there are some drawbacks to be had from using a payment service, and these are as follows:-

1.                   Many of them impose a daily or weekly limit on the amount of money that you send or receive.  So if you want to exceed these limits you may find yourself incurring an additional fee for a “business account” or “premiere account”. 

2.                  These services are not banks, and therefore are not subject to strict banking regulations or protected by Federal Deposit Insurance.

3.                  Often these services provide their customers with less protection against fraud and abuse than many credit card companies offer. 

4.                  Also, they are sometimes quick to freeze a customer’s account if they suspect fraudulent or other criminal activities are taking place.  They can be so quick sometimes that some customers have found that their account has been frozen for no apparent reason whatsoever.

It is important that before you sign up to any payment service, you read through their terms and conditions thoroughly.  Plus, also read through their terms of service agreement carefully.  It is important that you fully understand and accept the service’s dispute policy, limits on liability, their fee structure and any other rules or regulations that they may have.   It is also important that you do not keep too much money in your account, rather hold in it enough to conduct a few days of business and any unused funds should be transferred over to your regular bank account.

Below are just a few more payment services that you may want to look at further when setting up an online business account.

1.              This service processes credit card and checking account transactions.

2.                      BidPay.  This allows person to person payments, in which they accept a credit card payment from the payer and then send a money order through to the payee.

3.                      BillPoint.  This also allows person to person payments, but from a credit card.  Originally this system was being targeted specifically at Ebay customers.

4.                      E-Gold.  This allows the payment in gold (silver, platinum or palladium) to be made from one customer to another using an account based system.

5.                      PayPal.  This is probably the most well known of payment services, and it allows user to user payments.  This is where a payer uses a credit card to pay money into another user’s account.  Or, in fact, they can use money they already have in that account in order to pay for the goods they have purchased.

World Pay.  This service provides both an internet merchant account, and payment processing service in one package

What Is Affiliate And Why You Should Join Other Affiliate Marketers

Just What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Many times you will have seen previously in this book we have mentioned affiliate marketing as a great way of setting up an online business. During this chapter, we will provide a more in depth look at what it is exactly.

Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting a product in which an affiliate is then rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer and/or sale provided through their efforts to the actual company selling the product.  The compensation or commission that an affiliate gets may be based on a certain value for each exposure, visit (pay per click), new customer (pay per lead), sale which is usually a percentage of the item sold (pay per sale or revenue share) or it may be a combination of any of these.

Many companies like to use affiliate marketing because they do not incur any marketing expenses unless the desired result is realized. 

There are also some e-commerce sites around today which run their own affiliate programs, while others use third party services.  These provide intermediaries who will track traffic or sales that are referred to them from their various affiliates.  There are many businesses online today who owe much of their growth and success to the use of affiliate marketing.  It has been especially successful for small and midsize businesses on the internet.

We have now looked at what affiliate marketing is, now let us look at some reasons as why it is a good type of online business to set up.

No Production Costs
With an affiliate program, production costs are no longer an issue as the product has been developed and proven to be good.  Best of all, it has all come out of the merchant’s accounts and not yours.

Do not need a lot of money to set up.
All you will need is a desk, computer, internet connection and word processing software to get started.

Costs Involved
Normally it is free to join an affiliate program, and all the set up costs and shipping costs will be met by the merchant whose products you are selling.  Plus, as you do not need any where to store goods, this is another reason for joining an affiliate program.  So even if you happen to live in a 1 bedroom apartment, you can still sell the biggest products going as an affiliate because all the goods are held by the merchant you are working as an affiliate for.

There are thousands of products and services that you can choose from.  So finding the right products for either a website you have already or one that you are planning to build is immense.

No need to have a Merchants Account
This can be a time consuming and costly expense for anyone setting up a business for the first time.  Certainly, it is even more so where an online business is concerned.  However, as an affiliate, the merchant you are selling the product for will bear all costs, as well as handle the processing of all payments.  So you never have to worry about any potential charge backs, fraudulent purchases or losing your merchant account completely as an affiliate.  Plus, no longer will you be concerned with collecting and storing names and addresses of customers along with their credit card details, as this is all done by the merchant who you are affiliated to.

Plus, no longer do you have to worry about dealing with awkward or nasty customers and their complaints.  This is down to the merchant to deal with.

Probably one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you can make money while you sleep. 

Another benefit to get into affiliate marketing is that if the product you chose isn’t making money, then you can just dump it.  Remove any links to the product and then start promoting another instead.  This is because there are no long term contracts which bind you to selling one particular product, so the risk to you is minimal.

If you work hard at affiliate marketing, then the potential to earn a good income is high.  It really depends on just how much you want it and how much effort you are willing to put in to the products you are trying to sell.

For an idea of just what kinds of products and services offer affiliate programs, check out or Both of these sites are generally at the very top of most affiliate marketers’ lists.