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Monday, 10 October 2011

Keep Your Copy For The Web Short And But Sweet.

Keep Your Web Copy Short and Sweet

You are looking to keep your visitors coming to your site and also get them to return.  There are a number of points you should consider when copywriting for the web.

Keep your copy short and simple

What you should remember is that unless a visitor has been directed to a particular page on a site, more often than not, they will only read 1 or 2 lines of the text.  So the longer your text is, the less likely they will want to read it.  So if you can, do not add any long copy to any pages where visitors are not expecting it to be.

Also keep your copy simple.  This is just as important as the length of your copy.  It is important that your visitors are able to understand what has been written on their first reading.  They do not want to have to spend time thinking about what you have written.

In most cases, you should be able to convey one key idea effectively in just one or two lines of writing.  By writing any more than that, you are most likely to ruin the chances getting your initial message through.

So by anticipating that your visitors will be willing to learn more about something, then they will look for the page that has more copy on it.  So provide them with a link to another page of your site where they can get hold of the information that they need.
What if you do need to write long copy?

If you do need to include some longer copy, then organize it.  Even if your visitors are expecting to find a page heavy with text, they may not actually be willing to read it.  So in order to help them, divide any distinct ideas you have into separate paragraphs.  Provide them with useful headings, sub headings and bulleted lists.  This is a great way of introducing key ideas to them deliberately.

It is best to assume that not all visitors to your site will read long pieces of copy.  So write copy that’s easy to skim through.

Although longer copy does not need to be as direct as short copy, it should still be easy to read.  You will find that those visitors to your site who have difficulty understanding what has been written, will stop reading it.

Make your Copy Lively

Keep your copywriting clear and write vividly.  You should be aiming to write in a light, unassuming tone of voice.  If what you have written is boring or overbearing, this will in turn affect the reader, and what you are trying to convey will not get through to them.

So use a consistent voice throughout your copy.  By doing this, visitors quickly recognize it and so become familiar with it.  The more familiar a site or subject is to them, the more effective it will be.

Introducing How To Find Good Keyword And Keyword Phrases For Your Copy

How to Find Effective Keywords and Keyword Phrases for Your Copy

Search engines are the most important tool on the web for bringing new customers to a site.  Many people who have never heard of your site will use a search engine to find what they are looking for, at your site or at someone else’s.  But unfortunately, a search engine is not psychic and not very intuitive either.  They will not be able to find what people are actually looking for but rather what they are asking for. 

But just how do you know what people are looking for?  There are a number of different ways in which you can get ahead of the competition in relation to people’s search habits.  There are many effective programs around and one of these is Word Tracker, which can be found at  You are able to license this program either by the day, week, month or year.  What this program does is provide you with feedback in relation to key phrases that you submit to it.  It will also make recommendations in relation to similar key phrases, and you are then able to test them against the most important search engines and directories on the web.

What it then does is tells you just how many people are searching for a particular phrase, and how much competition there is from other sites.  Once this is done then Word Tracker assigns each phrase with a Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) ranking.  So by using the phrases that attract the most interest, but the least competition, throughout your site in both copy and page titles, it will make it more receptive to the search engines and directories.  So when it comes time for people who are looking for a particular product or service, then your site should be one of the first they see in their search results.

The best time to do any keyword searches is when you are first building your site.  This will then mean that you do not need to rewrite your copy later on.  But really, it can be done at any time. It is important to remember that if you are not researching what your customers need, then your competition will be