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Friday, 23 September 2011

List Building Secret #13

List Building Secret #13 - Use Free Forum Posting

This is a great way to get not only more subscribers for your newsletter but recognized as an expert in your field. By posting helpful suggestions in forums in your market, you will get a lot of good attention.

I'm not going to get into a whole lot about this subject as it's pretty easy to get started.

1) Find forums in your niche

2) Read some of the back posts and see whos the boss, who posts good content and what the rules are

3) Start posting with informative information and include your little newsletter byline at the end of your post or in your signature file

What most people have a problem with is not writing good posts, but finding the forums to post in.

Now that work is done for you. Just enter the topic your newsletter is on into the website address below and you will find all the forums you could possibly want on those subjects.

List Building Secret #12

List Building Secret #12 - Use A Paid For And Well Known Auto-responder

I can't stress this enough. Don't use free Autoresponders or mailing lists! These services can go down at anytime and are not professional looking at all.

Plus they also get used for spamming and are abused badly.

I use and never had any problems at all. They offer all I need.

List Building Secret #11

List Building Secret #11 - Archive Your Newsletter Copies

Sometimes people are hesitant to give any sort of information away over the Internet, especially there email addresses even if what you are offering is free, due to spam.

But if you allow people to read your back issues without having to signup for your newsletter, this will show them what type of content you do write and will make them want to join.

You would think having your newsletter issues archived would cut back on subscribers wanting to subscribe because they can get it without giving their email address away, but this is not true.

What you do is tell them on the website that newsletter subscribers get each issue 2 weeks before non subscribers.