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Friday, 28 March 2008

Search Engine Optimization Services

REALFREETV.NET is UK's high ranking SEO Company.
We are the most developed and efficient SEO in London. Our services are beneficial to YOU. We will give you all the marketing tools you need. If you want to reach the top as an internet marketing company, we will offer you the best result through our NO.1 SEO Company in UK. We will ensure that the traffic you need comes to YOUR SITE.
You can MAXIMIZE your PROFIT through our expert SEO Industry.  We are achievers. We will achieve for you. Give us a chance. Subscribe now to our best SEO services the world over. High ranking for your website is easy to achieve.
This is possible through our superb Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. It has worked for others, so why can't it work for you? You don't need to be convinced. We don't need to convince you with mere words.
You will never be disappointed. WE CARE…in supporting you.
See what we have for you for yourself. Don’t just wait to be told by those that are already benefiting. Our SEO Services are developed to give SUPPORT to all types of online businesses. It works for internet marketing company as well as for search engine optimization firms. Your site will enjoy heavy linkages to the world’s best inbound links. We keep our servers updated with newest links which will give you, new customer and coverage every day. This is all for your best - for the health and growth of your online business.
Are you a SEO company that is seeking growth? Then don't be left out. We offer a test period of one month. We offer low prices for our dedicated customers.
Our services range from website optimization to EXPERT SEO promotion. Be the best you can. Join our company SEO website promotion. It is all about knowing your needs and putting you needs first for better planning.
Be it a small businesses or a huge firm.
 You can't afford to ignore the importance of search engine optimization. Company search proves excellent by offering first class SEO services.
We support all types of online internet marketing. WEBSITE PROMOTION is at the top BRAND for us. This is due to the fact that online marketing involves the use of a website. We give a website the touch it needs to compete with major companies around the world.
We are the best SEO Company you can imagine. We promote search engine marketing at a higher level. As a leading SEO in London, we don't get tied of keeping up the task of boosting our search engine mechanism to serve others better. Are you such a person? SEO makes it easy for a company’s search. It is the best method for increasing visitors’ frequencies in viewing your site.
Customers Change direction…
Through our complete network marketing optimized search engine we give your customers direction to your SITE. They can’t fail to see you online.
With well-developed search engine marketing we continue to be number one.
You are probably looking forward to be an expert SEO promotion company ranking top in London and abroad. This service is for you!
Never be left out. You could be interested in converting your business profit margin business into the talk in the city. Don’t worry. We will serve you. We will give you the Best SEO services that ever existed.
We are a UK SEO company providing the best services for your needs. We do company search and optimization website promotion for any company. Yours is among them:
·         Relevance,
·         Ranking and
·         Result
are your major goals in the online market. Our work: to make your relevant information visible to the online market and to increase your chances of getting noticed by over 80% of your current standing. We provide you with necessary search engine tools to guide your site to the top in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other competing search engines.
Are your customers in China?
They will get you when your company search engine is optimized. We don’t take chances. Don’t do that either. Here is your solution to your business problems. Your search engine needs boosting by expert search engine optimizers.  
Internet marketing made easy and more result oriented. Join us now to give you the best services for SEO internet marketing available!

Choosing the right SEO Company


Deciding on the ablest search engine optimization company can become a Herculean task, if you are not very sure of what you are looking for. But, following some key thumb rules will make you take an informed and educated decision.

Firstly, you should know, more than anyone else, what you are looking for. You ought to know what exactly you want the SEO company to do for you. Once you know your requirements, you will be in a position to decide whether the company is doing what you want them to do.

Often, misleading company ads claim to add your website into hundreds of search engines and assure good rankings too. No company can assure that and this does not work for two reasons. One, they will probably place your ad or website link in many websites, that too for free. Secondly, these sites that they submit your website to (or search engines as they call them) usually do not generate enough traffic to effect your website. This brings us to the most pertinent question. Which search engine do you generally use when you are looking for something? In more cases than none, it's Google or Yahoo. Will this company submit your website to them? Sounds doubtful.

Steer clear of companies who claim to give top rankings to your website immediately after submission to search engines. Nothing can be closer to falsehood than that. Also, stay away from firms that are more interested to make money than provide rules that can improve the ranking of your website. The company should strictly abide by the SEO code of ethics and not make false promises to its clients.

So, how do you choose a reliable SEO company? Above all, build trust in organizations that are very clear about their dealings with clients and those who do not make tall claims about improving or retaining search engine rankings of websites within an absurd amount of time.

Study their websites and decide if they sound sensible and reasonable to you. Do they emphasize on the importance of relevant keywords that, among other factors, will enhance the website rankings? Work with companies that have earned good recommendations in the industry. In other words, you can trust companies that have done a good job with people you know and can rely on.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Online Reputation Management Services


As an online business manager have you ever wondered over questions like:
How do I deal with the problems of my online client’s reputation?
Or may be how do I protect my Clients against fraudulent people whose aims are to stir up difficulties for others?
These questions and many other related ones can be answered through our reputation management online service.
We have an answer for you.
Contact us for more information about our online reputation management services.
We will be happy to serve you.
This is an affordable service that provides you with security for your clients as well as confidence in your online market. We have services such as brand monitoring, social media monitoring and online reputation management tools.
We offer online monitoring tools for:
·         Blogs protection and monitoring
·         FACEBOOK client reputation monitoring
·         Twitter online reputations management.
We will also monitor your links, thus giving you protection so that you can avoid links that could be containing MALICIOUS information, viruses, spywares or worms. This is your service and we are there for you. Put a question to us and we will answer by giving the right online reputation protection service.
Or ..
Are you interested in our online monitoring tools? This link will guide you to our subscription page. Don’t take any chances.
Subscribe to get assistance from us. We are always ready to help.
You will not need scratch you head if a client asks you questions like; will my reputation be protected online?
With ONLINE MARKETING on the rise, then replacing other forms of marketing the risk in online reputation rises. It is only correct that client reputation be maintained throughout in online forums. Messing up people’s good reputation is detrimental to their moral and social development - whether through an online forum or other social media.
We EXIST to offer a solution to this danger, to be part of a growing world of technology by helping to safeguard people’s online reputation through well ESTABLISHED online reputation management systems.
Sales and other activities can be affected by various comments that are posted in an online forum that does not reflect a positive client reputation. It is of paramount importance that such reputations be safeguarded. Dealing with a client whose reputation has been tarnished can reflect negatively on your achievements as per set goals.
One needs to be in a position to handle matters pertaining to clients reputations with trustworthy care.  We understand that everyone’s concern is that their good names remain clean.
THEIR DEDICATED WORK should not be messed up by malice. Concern for everyone’s achievements is our goal. We respect your interest as well as ours.
How can a company manage its reputation online? The following tips that we offer should suit your demands and which you can use in reputation management on line.
By monitoring your REPUTATION ONLINE we can assure you of stringent protection rules. We can protect you from malice and fraud. We deal with several reputations management services products to manage online reputation. These include:
·         Managing your individual reputation online
·         Corporate reputation
·         Business reputation.
The key HERE is good reputation SELLS. For this reason one needs to employ several brand monitoring techniques e.g. using social media monitoring such as FACEBOOK; reputation monitoring, twitter monitoring, Skype -as well as Google chat monitoring.
We are all aware that social media has many loop holes. If left without clear guideline to reputation management on line, then the general public might end up in an uproar against the social sites involved.
Are there some negative posts on your site that you want to remove?
Our online reputation management team are equipped with the necessary tools to help you do that and to avert any similar occurrences in the future.
Maybe you have asked yourself questions like: Can I start a social network site which is secure for my clients?
Maybe you have witnessed people's reputations being spoiled in an online platform.
Worry no more.
We have a solution for you. We recommend our effective online reputation management service which will aid your reputations management. It is possible to keep the confidence of your clients without loosing their trust regarding your site. This will also give you a good standing regarding other sites and compete in an open online market without fear.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Simple Common Sense SEO Strategies


Want to see your website dancing at the top of the Google rankings for your keyword phrases or your niche? Yes, it is possible. Simply read on to find out...

Google, MSN, and Yahoo all use their own methodologies and/or algorithms to calculate the relevance of your pages, but here are a few common factors that are accepted by most to guarantee good rankings in renowned search engines.

Analyze your pages, and start the process today; remember to resubmit your changes when you are done, and the traffic will start to flow.

1) Keyword Density

Try to achieve a 3.5% to 7% keyword density for each of your pages. This means, your keywords should get repeated 3 to 7 times per 100 words written. However, do NOT overuse your keywords on the same page. Related keywords may help further.

There was a time when random usage of keywords was accepted by major search engines. This led to utter chaos and visitors hardly got to read what they were looking for. This was brought to the notice of search engine webmasters and it changed the rules overnight. Today, it is considered spam and the offender is punishable by law.

2) Keyword Phrase Choices

It is next to impossible to get a high rank for a single keyword, so make sure you aim for some lower-demand phrases too. The keyword ‘coffee’ has been listed in Overture as getting searched 370830 times a month. ‘Coffee’ as a keyword has an immense competition. However, a key phrase like ‘coffee club’ shows just 1813 searches. Getting a number one rank for coffee would of course be wonderful, but having a moderately good rank for several lower-demand keywords must be an essential part of your search engine optimization strategies.

3) Original Content

Google can penalize websites that offer exactly the same content, and this can result in lower ranking for all sites. In extreme situations, the website may be written off from the search engine forever. How many times have you seen multiple sites meant to promote the same old resale rights product? All of them display the same old sales page. The cleverest thing for you to do would be to simply rewrite the sales letter and submit that page to the search engines. This is vitally important SEO tip. Make sure you put in connected words and phrases; not simply the targeted keywords. Originality always sells. And it sells more than any other strategy ever used.

4) Linking Right

Make sure all your links use proper text. How many times have you seen "click here to visit" on a website? Simply changing the link text will cause your page to rank higher in all the search engines. You may also select connected phrases as link text. An interesting text link raises the visitor’s curiosity and increases the value expectation of the product.

5) Repetition of Key words and Phrases

Do ensure that the key phrases and keywords that you select appear multiple times in every one of your paragraphs and the entire content as a whole. Remember to put in connected phrases and keywords to help give a boost to your SEO. Do not let yourself get attracted to keyword stuffing which is the other name for indiscriminate repetition of the same keywords again and again.

5) Update yourself by visiting SEO news sites to stay in tune with the latest trends. The engines keep on shuffling their formulae and strategies so you can do good to get yourself updated on the latest news.

6) Alt Tags

When adding a picture or an image to your webpages you must add connected key phrases and words to the alt tags. Taking this simple step helps in boosting your PR.

Reviewing your site from time to time, implementing the necessary changes, and keeping abreast of the newest trends in Search Engine Optimization will definitely ensure your site achieves a top ranking for your chosen keywords and key phrases.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

SEO The Simple Way


Let’s talk business from the very beginning. How well do you know the SEO business? No matter how much you read on SEO, there are tactics and methods that will always baffle you. What every expert thinks is important, may become the least significant the very next day. Close study of websites and features of those ranked highest in search engines may open your eyes to strategies that have crossed no mind so far.  If you have already built a website there are two things you need to do.

Concentrate on the ON page and OFF page optimizing. On page deals with getting your description tags and meta tags similar to your webpages. One key fact not to forget is to use tags with the keywords in the content.

Off Page optimizing is probably the most important. Without this, you cannot even expect getting visitors on your site. This is nothing but an exercise to get other sites to point to your site, sites that have similar subjects.

Over the period of time, the topic of link exchange has also undergone a number of irreversible changes. Today, people are asking for money to exchange links to get higher PR sites. What can you do now? Well, you could buy maybe a couple of links at the most, if it is absolutely necessary. Apart than that, find out forums where you can post or discuss about your website. How? By simply Googling it. After that, when you get your membership, you can put your website URL within the signature box.  Another way of off-page optimization is to submit articles to article directories. Articles also help to make your website popular.

But you have to write excellent CONTENT for your specific site. This is called a one way link, meaning there will be no reciprocal links. Work this out and submit your articles to around fifty free article directories or websites; this should lead to a good PR in say a couple of months. Articles work big time and in ways that are always not apparent immediately.

Website Design

Building your own website requires good knowledge of the necessary tools and applications that the site will handle. Knowing your target e-market well is a requirement before you  even begin to build your website.
We can help you understand how to go about this. Don’t churn your way through it. We only charge a small consultancy fee which you will ultimately recover within a short time. Your business will be able to recover any cost within just a few months.
 Many web design firms do raw deals in this area and they pocket a lot of money from their clients. Website builders who are equipped with less knowledge about the complexity of an online market will end up charging  heavy costs but actually do very little to enhance your e-commerce website which can help you recover your expenditure.
We understand the online market very well. We have been in e-commerce now for over ten years. This experience is what enables us to understand how to build proper website that handles heavy traffic in the current world where online marketing is very popular.
That is why we have a solution for you. Whether you need a multi-complex e-commerce website or you just need a small website design - we are there for you. Our services range from:
ü Simple school website design;
ü To complex corporate website building that is use by multinational companies in their businesses. 
We support low cost website designers to get a foot in the e-commerce market. We guide them to convert this market into a reliable and COMPLETE NETWORK which they can count on.
You need the right website builders to provide you with a quality job that matches your needs. Well- built websites that attract more traffic and enhance business growth.
If you decide to build a website for yourself, you run the risk of spending so much time on the job you would otherwise give away  -and be given back a finished website built with true expertise within a very short space of time. Give us the job! We will do it for you. It is always our pleasure to stay in touch with our clients during the whole period of service,  to give us a clear understanding of their e-commerce website requirements.
Designing your website can be very easy under the proper training. As an established website design firm we train on website building for
Ø e-commerce website design;
Ø school website designs;
Ø website design and hosting and;
Ø website design for school training.
We assist trainers in setting up syllabus for their website-building classes. We also hold training for website builders all over the world. Our online training is over 24/7.
We compete with both low-cost website builders,  as well as top costly builders who deal with corporate website building. To meet everyone’s needs, we  work not only major with corporate websites but also deal with small scale business website designing.
This does not compromise our quality, as we have an organized team and departments that are specialists in different areas.
Best website designs are suitable for driving business to reach the top score.
We are the best website building firm in UK to contact when  you intend coming up with your own website, corporate website as well as school website. We will serve you according to your needs.
Put your SCHOOL ON THE INTERNET to popularize it.
Get your school website design done in hours. Count on us to deliver a quality job. We offer school website design services at  a reasonable cost.
Our website design cost is reasonable for everyone.
Build a corporate website that captures your desired market. Your e-commerce web design can be supported through our e-commerce support programs.
Our London-based website design is ready to work with you to improve your site or to build a new one for you.
Call now for assistance.
It is indeed possible to drive traffic through your website with a well-designed website done by London website designers.
As we work for you, our contact line will remain open for you. You can call any of our customer support team, who will be eager to help with any queries.
Good website design needs lots of dedicated effort. The website designer requires enough knowledge on how to build links and inbound links to effectively develop search engines.