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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

List Building Secret #30

List Building Secret #30 - Setup A Membership Site Just For Subscribers

Want to really boost your subscription rate? Start your own membership site solely for your newsletter subscribers. You can see a real example at

The key here is to make sure your content is fantastic, so much so that you could actually have paying customers for it.

Keep it updated constantly.

The problem with most membership scripts is their security features, or lack there of, and I've found one script that I'm really happy with and it's under $100.  

Another thing that can come in handy when running a membership site is an organizational tool. If you've had any experience with running a membership site, after awhile you get quite a lot of content and being able to organize that content for easy reading for your affiliates is crucial.  

Article Manager -

is a content management software tool designed to let non-technical users manage a news-oriented website. Manage articles and categories, multiple writers and editors. Upload images, create content with the WYSIWYG editor, syndicate your content, and more. It can save a busy webmaster hours of tedious HTML edits every day. 

List Building Secret #29

List Building Secret #29 - Don't Buy Mass Email Lists

I was just reading a post on a well known marketing forum today and I read a post from one guy who said he had access to a list of 800,000 email addresses from people who were interested in making money.

He said his friend owned the list and was willing to let him use it for a mailing, but he said not to mention his name at all in the mailing.

This should have been the first alarm bell for this guy. Not to mention that this guy wasn't sure how the list was compiled or how the people subscribed to this list.

It wasn't even just one big mailing list, it was a bunch of lists stuck together.

If this guy does decide to mail to this list, he will be accused of spam, he will get into major trouble and he will NOT make any money worth the effort.

Never EVER send emails out to lists you don't  know anything about EVER. Never buy bulk email lists.

List Building Secret #28

List Building Secret #28 - Make Sure To Keep Your Newsletter Off Spam Lists!

Here are some very useful tips to make sure you stay out of hot water when it comes to being called a spammer.

* Make Sure Your Email Message is Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Law.

* Make sure your list is double opt-in

* Keep detailed records of all subscribes and unsubscribes. IP addresses, when they subscribed when they unsubscribed.

* Don't ever purchase bulk email lists or harvest emails from the Internet

* If you use co-registration companies, make sure they are reputable and don't use shady methods of traffic gathering.

* If you have an Affiliate Program, make sure you include an "anti-spam" provision in your agreement.

* Avoid using spam trigger words like "spam, free, special, guaranteed" etc....