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Thursday, 13 October 2011

What Is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping
Dropshipping is a type of retailing where, instead of the retailer (meaning you) actually keeping the goods in stock at their own location, they instead pass the order, along with the shipment details from a customer, to a wholesaler.  It is then the job of the wholesaler to dispatch the goods ordered directly to your customer for you.  The great thing about this method is that not only do you not need to have a large warehouse for storing all the goods you are selling, but also you make a profit through the price you pay for it wholesale, and the price that you sell it to your customer for.

In fact, where dropshipping is concerned, you are actually acting as the middleman for the product that your customer receives and the manufacturer who produces it.  This particular type of system is extremely beneficial to both small retail shops, as well as internet based stores, or those people who use mailing catalogs in order to generate sales for their companies.  In fact, many customers who purchase their products in this way seem to not be too bothered that there is a delay between the time when the products are ordered and when they actually have them arrive.

But the biggest problem that is being addressed by dropshipping is that retailers no longer have to worry about controlling their inventory, as this is done for them by the wholesaler instead.  Unfortunately, in a more traditional retail setting, the products a store owner orders will be ordered in bulk, and they will then need to be kept in a secure location until they can be displayed and sold.  What this means is that you are adding costs to an already large budget, as you will need to have storage space available, along with hiring staff to maintain the storage area and ensure that the goods are ready for delivery to the store and to know what levels each product is at.  You will also need to spend money investing in a good quality security system in order to prevent the goods from being stolen.  However, if you were to use dropshipping instead, then you do not need to retain a large stock of your inventory on site, and also you no longer needed to employ a large team of staff.

Also, you will find that a large number of manufacturers now find the idea of dropshipping as a good investment, as it is also lowering their costs as well.  Plus they are gaining an additional sales person who they do not actually pay a wage to.  They are also saving themselves money as they no longer need to arrange for the delivery of large quantities of their goods to a retailer, so they are cutting down on their handling and fuel costs this way.  Instead, they can use the more inexpensive shipping methods that are now readily available by using either UPS, FedEx or a locally based delivery company to ensure that their products are delivered directly to the customer.  Plus, as many manufacturers have spent vast amounts of money ensuring that their warehouses are completely secure, they know that their products are safe until the day that they are dispatched, rather than them sitting in the back room of some retailer’s shop with very little or no security on the property.

Yet there are some drawbacks to running a dropshipping business, and these we will look at in more detail later on in this book.  Through this book, we will provide you with how you need to get started in the business of dropshipping, along with what you will need and the benefits, as well as the drawbacks.

Be Happy Always When Writing Copy.

Be Positive from Beginning to End of Writing Your Copy

When starting any copywriting, it is important that you are positive from the beginning to the end. 

You need to grab their attention at the beginning, and make them want more when they have finished.  It is vitally important that you use your best material at both the beginning and end of your work.

So if you produce a weak finish, then your customers will walk away feeling disappointed. They will also have forgotten the strong opening that you had produced, as well as the great stuff that followed after.  All they will ever remember is what a let down the end was. 

So, just how do you apply this to writing copy for the web?

What you should do is to think of your web page as a story, show or performance that you are presenting.  It is important that you think about the structure, and any messages you are presenting on your web pages in order to have that all important stronger ending

Text Links Should Look The Same On Your Copywriting Efforts

Make Your Text Links Look the Same

During the very early days of the web you would find all the text links were both blue and underlined.  Even today, this still holds true…just take a look at Google, eBay, Yahoo or MSN, and all their links are blue, and are either underlined, or become underlined when the cursor is placed over them.

But just what is the point of this?  When visitors are first entering any site, they are expecting the links to look like this.  Remember, it is important that any visitors to a site can figure our how it works so they can find the pages they are interested in the most.  So one element in this process is for them to figure out what text links look like.  So if yours are blue and underlined, then you have nothing to worry about, as everyone will know what they are. 

But if yours happen to be orange and underlined, then a new visitor will have to spend time figuring out just where your links are.  But if your links are just orange, then they will need even longer to work it out. 

Unfortunately, there are too many sites out there today which have no set appearance to their text links.  Some may be underlined, others may not, some may be blue, and others may be orange.  In some cases, they may be bold and others not.  So now you are getting the picture.

If you do not provide your visitors with a unified look to your text links, you’re placing a huge burden on them.  This is because it makes it significantly harder for them to get where they want to be, and find what they need.

Where the web is concerned, people’s interest in a certain subject can vanish in an instant.  So you need to figure out ways in which you can minimize the “loss of their attention”.  The only really simple way that this can be achieved is by making sure that all your text links are immediately recognizable, which isn’t difficult to accomplish at all.