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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

List Building Secret #9

List Building Secret #9 - Use A Sales Letter To Get Subscribers

This is something I've seen a lot of lately. People using direct sales letters to get new subscribers for their newsletter. They are actually creating a sales letter like they would for a product they are selling, and at the end of it, instead of an order button, they have a subscribe here button.

You wouldn't even know by reading the sales letter that its not for a product until the very end.

This gives people the WOW factor. You make your newsletter sound so valuable that when they find out it's free, they go "WOW, I can't believe they are giving all this information away for free".

This is pure marketing at it's best, and it's exciting. Marketing is meant to be exciting, just like life.

List Building Secret #10 - Using Mp3s To Get More Subscribers

Doing audio interviews with experts in your field also is a great idea to get more subscribers. I'm not going to get into how to create audio products as that's a whole other book, but interviewing experts over the phone and recording it on mp3 will get your newsletter splashed all over the Internet, especially in fields other then Internet marketing where people don't expect to get this much quality information for free

When you take marketing tactics from the Internet marketing field and apply them into other niche markets where they have never been seen before, you will get noticed more. Everything has been done in the Internet marketing field, we are all  immune to even the most brilliant marketing tactics as we see them almost everyday, but other niche markets eat these things up.

Creating audio interviews isn't hard at all equipment wise and finding experts to interview is a piece of cake.

Do you know how I find experts in any field almost instantly?

Well most FAQ pages at FAQS.Org/faq/ have who its written by and an email address for them. These guys are obviously knowledgeable in their fields, and they would make great experts to interview.

Tell them you want to interview them because you've read information they've written and it was great and you think your subscribers would appreciate the information.

Most will do this without charging you a cent if you are outside the marketing field, they will just get a thrill out of being interviewed.

Once you have these interviews, tell all the publishers you've been in contact with recently that you have this great set of mp3's just completed and you want to offer them for free to their lists.

Setup a section on your website with the download link to these mp3's and also put a subscribe form near them for your newsletter and you will be surprised how many people will sign up AFTER they listen to your mp3s.

Don't make is so these people have to sign up for your newsletter before they get the mp3s.

List Building Secret #8

List Building Secret #8 - Write Free Articles

While it's a given you will put your newsletter subscribe address in your resource box at the end of the article, this is not the best way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

The best way is to write a few free E-courses that people can subscribe to via an autoresponder and weave the links into your article.

Here is what I mean, and I can tell you now, HARDLY ANYONE is doing this.

Let's say you have a newsletter on Ice Fishing and you're in the middle of writing a few articles to send out for publication. Here is what I would do.

I would go to, buy a monthly subscription to their service and then start writing up 2 or 3 free e-courses on all things to do with Ice Fishing and plug them into my autoresponder.

Now why would I want to do this if I really want people to subscribe to my newsletter? Well, article writing has come under attack by people who believe cutting peoples article bylines out is acceptable. They just steal the content as their own. So instead of trying to fight these people everyday of the week, I've accepted this is going to happen and I made provisions for it, and infact, it probably works in my favor.

So in my article while I'm writing it, I would let the readers know there is this great E-course for free they can sign up for. I wouldn't mention it was mine. I would just weave it into my article and it looks like I'm providing them with a great free resource.

I would then provide them with the autoresponder link and how to sign up.

Also remember that when you write your resource box for your article, you don't have to get them to go to a webpage to sign up for your newsletter.

You can put your newsletter subscribe information in your resource box like this....

"To get more information on how to catch more bass on a weekly basis, sign up for our newsletter by sending a blank email to"

List Building Secret #7

List Building Secret #7 - Buy Leads With Co-Registration

Quick and easy way to get subscribers, but not the best way. That's how I describe Co-registration.

Some marketers swear by it and have great results, others fail and have to throw out the entire list they brought because it's riddled with fake addresses, spam complaints and basically freebie seekers.

So what is Co-registration?

Basically its building lists by buying subscribers from a 3rd party service.

Here is how Dr Raplh Wilson put it.....

"Co-registration is a widely-used approach to increase the size of your e-mail lists. Co-registration works this way: After completing a subscription form or upon leaving a website, visitors are invited to subscribe to one or more e-zines. If yours is listed among these and the site gets a substantial amount of traffic, you'll begin to receive a number of subscriptions. "

Have a look at the two best Co-registration companies to see what I mean.

What you do is you pay a fee to these companies per subscriber. So everytime they supply you with a new lead you pay them a fee. Usually around 15 cents to $1 depending on the niche market and if you want double opt-in or single opt-in.

Always go for double opt-in if you can.

The best way to make money from these types of subscribers is to first give something away for free. Build trust with your subscribers. Sign them up for a free course, give them some bonus products like you created before and remember if anyone asks to be removed from your list, just do it! Don't argue with them ever!

That's the quickest way to get your newsletter shutdown.