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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

List Building Secret #7

List Building Secret #7 - Buy Leads With Co-Registration

Quick and easy way to get subscribers, but not the best way. That's how I describe Co-registration.

Some marketers swear by it and have great results, others fail and have to throw out the entire list they brought because it's riddled with fake addresses, spam complaints and basically freebie seekers.

So what is Co-registration?

Basically its building lists by buying subscribers from a 3rd party service.

Here is how Dr Raplh Wilson put it.....

"Co-registration is a widely-used approach to increase the size of your e-mail lists. Co-registration works this way: After completing a subscription form or upon leaving a website, visitors are invited to subscribe to one or more e-zines. If yours is listed among these and the site gets a substantial amount of traffic, you'll begin to receive a number of subscriptions. "

Have a look at the two best Co-registration companies to see what I mean.

What you do is you pay a fee to these companies per subscriber. So everytime they supply you with a new lead you pay them a fee. Usually around 15 cents to $1 depending on the niche market and if you want double opt-in or single opt-in.

Always go for double opt-in if you can.

The best way to make money from these types of subscribers is to first give something away for free. Build trust with your subscribers. Sign them up for a free course, give them some bonus products like you created before and remember if anyone asks to be removed from your list, just do it! Don't argue with them ever!

That's the quickest way to get your newsletter shutdown.

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