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Friday, 9 September 2011

How To Use Articles To Make Profit From Affiliate Programs

Using Articles To Make Profit From Affiliate Programs

This is a quick guide on how you can earn a full time income with affiliate programs without even a web site. This is so simple, it's stupid, yet so many affiliates keep failing.

The biggest reason why I failed when I first started online was because I complicated things. I tried to create huge web sites filled with content, and it just didn't work because I lost my motivation.

With this guide, all you have to do is create a free auto responder series, then advertise it directly with ezines and other simple methods that I will show you.

Select 3 Affiliate Programs

To make this work and not be a one hit wonder, you will need to select THREE affiliate programs to join. The criteria to select this program is a little different then going out and selecting the affiliate program with the biggest commission, even though this does play a role.

Of course, all the affiliate programs you promote will have to be on the one subject.

For instance, say your first affiliate program is an ebook on Mini Sites, then your second affiliate program you sell could be a member only site based on Mini Sites and your third affiliate program could be a service where someone creates a network of Mini Sites for your customers.

I will talk more about this later, and how the pricing is crucial.

The first affiliate program you promote will want to be one which pays a larger then normal commission on the first sale. Do not accept anything less then 40% commission for your first affiliate program.

The reason for this is because we want to make a profit on the first affiliate program and by selling any product that does not make you at least $20 per sale you will not profit straight away. The main aim of this is to really build up your Opt-in Mailing list.

If you break even, don't be discouraged.

Breaking even is an amazing result, and if you have built your list up, then you will be profiting for years to come.

So for your first affiliate program, choose a product that sells for around $40 to $50 and where you still get at least 40% of the total profits.

Your second affiliate program you join will be in the category of what we call "Residual Income".

This is an affiliate program that pays you every month someone stays signed up for their product or service. For example, if you were to promote a web hosting company, and they charged $25 a month, you would get around $10 a month for as long as that person stays signed up for web hosting. Terry Dean believes this is the closest way to earning a secure pay check every month.

These are great programs to promote because all they require is a little hard work up front and you're set for months, even years.

That's why I recommend promoting this type of program once you have a large list of names to email to.

Of course you will still be promoting your free course to other people, but this is a way to make back end sales from your current list.

Don't think if you've advertised to these people once, that's all they are good for. I will talk more about this later in the book

You can find a large list of Residual Income
affiliate programs at,, and more

Now your third affiliate program will also be a program that you will promote to your current subscriber list. This program should pay you a large lump sum of money. This type of program will have a lower conversion rate, but you should be making $80 to $150 commission per sale.

If you would like to find a directory of affiliate programs, visit

Link Exchange With The Blogging Communities

Exchanging Links With Other Bloggers

A number of programs, known as “link exchanges,” will allow your link to be listed on the blogs of others, so long as you carry on your blog a small ad that lists the blogs of others who are members of the same program.  A link exchange works the same way as a blog ring, tying all the featured blogs into a big circle, with the exception that the blogs you link to may not be similarly grouped as they are for most blog rings.  When you sign up for the link exchange, you’ll receive credits every time your page displays the links of others, and your credits are used up as your blog is displayed on the blogs of other members of the link exchange.

While link exchanges are a convenient way for you to have your blog prominently displayed on the blogs of others, there are several possible side effects that you need to examine before signing up for any link swap program.

The first caveat is that, because link swaps are generally not grouped by subject or content, you may find that your blogs is linking to content that you may find objectionable, like adult content, opposing political blogs, or competitors in your industry.  Since it’s important to keep tight control on where you send your customers, it’s a good idea to watch the blog swap closely to ensure that you are displaying the content you want and that you’re not going to alienate your customers and readers by displaying offensive content.

The second issue you may have to deal with is the speed at which some applications operate, especially if they download a java application to your page.  Many load more slowly than the average page, forcing your customers to wait or ‘jerking’ the page they are reading back to the top once the application is fully loaded.  If the link exchange application is causing your loading speed to suffer, it’s probably going to cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Remember, your readers want to jump right in and read what you have to say.  Jerking the page around as soon as they dig in to your content is not going to make many friends. 

A final issue is one of cosmetics.  Because some link exchange applets are one-size-fits-all, the layout size or colors may clash with your blog.  Be sure that you can modify the application to make it unobtrusive before you put something on your page that will prove a distraction to your readers.  You want them to notice the links, but like everything else on your page, they should add to it rather than detracting from it.

Here are a few popular link exchange programs:

Be sure to look farther than this list, however, as there are certain to be link exchanges that cater specifically to your content or your geographic location.  If you can’t find one, you can always establish your own link exchange at Link Market

Blogging For Profits And As A Business

Blogging as a Business and for Profits

Most blogs are small potatoes.  The vast majority are online journals where teenagers talk about their lives to a readership made up of their closest friends.  A growing minority, however, are businesses in and of themselves.  They balance costs and income; they purposely seek out content providers, advertisers, and paying customers.  They make a profit. They are, in fact, Blog Empires, ruling over a reader-defined section of the blogsphere as the go-to site for millions who come to get the news, buy promotional merchandise, and donate money to keep their favorite bloggers fed and happy.

That’s where you come in.  You can draw millions of readers, because what you have to say is important.  You can accumulate advertisers, because they will pay to reach your readers.  In short, you can build your own Blog Empire, and it’s easier than you think. 

This book will walk you through the steps necessary to see your name in lights and your blog climb to the top of blog listings everywhere, and to fatten your bank account with the profits from your own blog business.

It will take a lot of work (what worthwhile thing doesn’t?) but you may find that being a blogger, building a Blog Empire of your own, is the most fulfilling job you’ve ever had.

The Components of a Building a Brand Blog Empire

A Blog Empire, like any other business, is made up of three major components: a supplier, buyers, and the products for sale.  But a blog in many cases differs from the average business because you are bringing together two sets of customers and delivering two sets of products. And you’re not even selling the main item you produce.

Sound confusing?  It’s really not.  Let’s take a look at the component parts and illustrate just how simple it is.

The first component is a supplier.  That’s you.  It is your words, your opinion, your research, and your art which can bring thousands or even millions of readers to your blog.  You will be the attraction, the broker, and the Emperor of your Blog Empire.  If it weren’t for you, the blog wouldn’t exist.  Because of who you are, what you know, and what you do, it can thrive.

The second component is a buyer, a customer.  While the vast majority of your customers will be your readers, other customers will include companies that pay you to feature their links and advertisements on your blog.  “Traffic” (those millions of readers out there who care about what you say) is the lifeline of your site: you’ve got to find them and bring them in. Once they are there, your advertising customers will pay for access to your reading customers, and your reading customers will pay for your information and merchandise.

The final component is a product.  Like all businesses, yours can’t exist without a product to sell.  But what do you sell when you’re giving your opinion away for free on a blog?

The first product you sell is yourself: your opinions and your expertise.  Without selling yourself to your readers, you will have no customers.  They may not always pay you directly (though we’ll see that in many cases, they will) but if they don’t buy what you’re saying, they will not buy anything else.

The second product you sell is your space.  You lease it to advertisers who will pay you to put information in front of your millions and millions of readers.  Whether text links or flashing popup banner ads, your advertisers will pay you for a small part of your readers’ attention.

The final product you sell is your merchandise.  With a properly-branded name and a reputation for excellence, your readers will purchase coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers…anything you can imagine.

In your Blog Empire, your reader is a customer and a product, and the more customers you have, the more products you can sell and the more profit you can pocket. You can turn your labor of love into a digital cash cow by building a Blog Empire that brings customers and buyers together.  This book will show you how to do just that.