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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blogging On Multiple Blogs And Websites

Stepping Up Blogging: Blogging on Multiple Websites

Several of the more popular multi-contributor blogs are run by people who have personal, perhaps non-related, blogs on the side, and when you blog successfully you’ll soon attract other bloggers who are so interested in what you have to say that they’ll want you to say it on their blogs. They may be blogs that provide multiple sides of your issue or that agree with your outlook but don’t specialize precisely where you do.  These are blogs where your commentary, even if you’re already linked, would fit well on the front page.  A successful blogger is always looking for chances to expand into new areas, and there are no rules that say you have to limit yourself to a single blog. However, you will need to assess your blogging skills and knowledge.

Blogging on multiple sites provides several advantages over simply assuring that you have reciprocal links with valuable sites because of a simple truth: since most blogs have dozens of links, no person can follow them all.  Getting your expertise in front of those readers is a good way to show them why they ought to pay you a visit.  It’s like a free sample of what you offer, and many readers who would never follow a random link will check you out if they like (or even hate) what you have to say.  And while you’ll want to save your best stuff for your own blog (or at least cross-post it there) it’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for sites that could use your expertise and give you the opportunity to put your work in front of a whole new group of readers.

Developing Content for Other Blogs or Websites

Even if your blog is not a “writing” blog, there are ways to get your fellow bloggers to feature your work and send visitors to your site.  The easiest of these – if you have some programming ability and a little creativity – is to create content they can feature on their own blogs (which of course, has a link to yours).  You see the concept everywhere, though you may not have thought about their possibilities even as you clicked their links. It might be a “test” that allows the person to decide what historical mass murderer they are, displaying a picture and a description.  It might be an insult generator, where they input a name and you give them a creative putdown for their readers to enjoy. It might display the ticker symbols and prices of their favorite stock.  Whatever it is to the other blogger and his readers, to you it is an excellent way to get readers to visit your blog, enjoy some interaction with it, and take away a bit of code which will in turn send you more readers, more traffic, and more customers. This could also be another tool for generating traffic to your blog.

If you have the ability to create amusing pictures – especially if your blog is dedicated to them – offering your readers the chance to use your stuff for the price of a link back to your site can garner you readers from all over who are looking for interesting and amusing content for their own blogs or web pages.  It’s a good idea to make your webpage name an unobtrusive part of every picture, so that even if the users of your content forget to link you back, your name will be out there, associated with creative and important content across the blogosphere.

The possibilities are limited only by your technical skill and creativity, and can mean hordes of people coming to your blog not just out of curiosity, but to page through your blog for a chance to put your work in front of their readers.

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