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Saturday, 24 September 2011

List Building Secret #16

List Building Secret #16 - Do An Article Recommendation

This is something I learnt from Aaron Wall and I only wish I was one of the publishers he joint ventured with in this deal, as it resulted in thousands of new subscribers for everyone involved.

What you do with this idea is get together 4 or 5 publishers again, they could be the same ones as before and get them to agree on running an article that you wrote.

That's it, nothing tricky, and if they agree to running this article they will get thousands of new subscribers virtually overnight.

What you do is you write an article about the best newsletters in your market, and those would of course be the publishers who agreed to run your article.

Make the article objective, don't just blatantly plug newsletters, write it like a news reporter would. Everyone who runs the article will get subscribers and you will get subscribers and everyone will be happy.

Sometimes you have to make things happen, especially with Internet Marketing, don't wait for people to contact you, YOU make it happen and you can do that, it's not hard, just think outside the box.

This method will also work for paid products aswell. You don't just have to plug newsletters, you could get all the publishers together and write an article about the best products in your market. This way everyone can make sales and affiliates sale just by running the article.

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