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Thursday, 29 September 2011

List Building Secret #31

List Building Secret #31 - Setup A Free E-Course For New Subscribers

This step doesn't have to be difficult. This free course is the vehicle to promote whatever it is you want to promote, whether it be an affiliate program, your newsletter (which is a given) or your own product. It will also be the catalyst that allows you to contact these leads as often as you want.

I will warn you now, however, that you don't want to contact them everyday, maybe not every week, only when you have something substantial to email to them. This keeps your list happy, and not full of junk emails that no one will end up reading.

First off though, we need a title for your report. No one is even going to subscribe if it doesn't interest them.

This is where a lot of writers really wreck a perfectly good report. You have to make your title as exciting and straight to the point as possible.

Here are a few examples of very poor titles.

Make Money Online

Migraine Relief Report

Create Your Own Products Easily

Play Cricket Like A Pro

I might have been a little harsh to say that they are poor titles, they just lack any spark or imagination.

Here are a few suggestions I have to spruce those titles up, and these can be used in any other titles as well.

Make Money Online In 7 Days With Residual Income Affiliate Programs

Stop Migraines In 5 Easy Steps

Create Sizzling Digital Products Instantly, That Sell Like Crazy

Bat Like Border And Bowl Like Lee, Play Cricket Like A Pro!

So what is the easiest way to create your own free 5 day course?

The best way to create your free course is to write 5 or so articles yourself on the subject your promoting and putting it into a free course.

The problem most people have when they try and do this is that they try and write thousands of words all at once and they get tired and never complete it.

If you break it down into sections, it's a lot easier. For example, if I was to write a free course on creating your own fishing lures for profit, I would write something like this.

Article 1: Why fishing lures are so profitable

Article 2: How to create your own fishing lures from your table

Article 3: How to automate the whole lure making process

Article 4: How to market your lures offline

Article 5: How to market your lures on a budget online

And in each of these articles, I would weave an affiliate link into somewhere or mention my newsletter. The information has to be of high quality and not just a blatant plug-a-thon. If you do this, you will certainly get a lot of people unsubscribing from your list.

Of course you can't really just send your prospects a bunch of articles, you have to weave them together. For instance, the first email they get could be a thank you for subscribing email, with a don't forget to get your free gift line in there somewhere. This first email, you should try and hook your prospects, so if you have an article section that's better then the rest, put it in the first day.

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