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Monday, 19 September 2011

Search Engines And News Portals

Search Engines and NewsPortals

There are a million sites out there that promise to submit your site to hundreds, even thousands of search engines.  Before you choose one - giving them your money or email address - think for a moment about how many search engines you use.  You probably have a favorite or two, as do most people.  And in many cases, they are the same ones.  That means that so long as your site is listed in the major engines (Yahoo! and Google and MSN, to name a few) there’s really no need to pay for someone to submit it to a search engine no one uses or to give them your email address (which will coincidentally be deluged by spam from that day forward).  It’s worthwhile to manually submit your site – ONCE – to the bigger engines, but once you have a few blogs linking to you, search spider programs find you anyway by following from another site.

A second way to avoid paying for others to submit your site to search engines is to pick a blog host or software that features a blog ping, an automatic submission engine that tells blog search sites that you have updated.  Many of them allow you to choose which sites you’d like to submit your blog to (choose them all, of course) though there may be a restriction on the number of times you may ping the engines per day (e.g. Blogspot has a once-per-12-hours limit) because over-pinging, like multiple submissions to search engines, can result in your blog being blacklisted.  It’s far better to err on the side of caution and let the search engines do their own work.

News engines are a different story.  If you do a search of Google News for any specific subject, you’ll find a number of blogs listed right along with the major media outlets.  Some of these independent outfits, like the Blogger News Network may even beat the major news outlets to a story. If what you write is original and newsworthy, submitting your site as a news source will ensure that someone looks over your content for inclusion along with CBS and the New York Times as a source of news. In this case you have little control – other than to ensure you entries are newsworthy – over whether blog is included as a news source.  However, a successful listing is worth its weight in gold and is definitely worth pursuing.

Some of the more popular news search engines are:

A site’s FAQ will often tell you how to suggest a news site.  Suggesting your own site can result in hordes of traffic reading your blog for the latest.

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