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Saturday, 17 September 2011

List Building Secret #5

List Building link building Secret #5 - Use Pop Up Windows

Pop up windows are still effective ways to get subscribers, especially in niche markets.

Creating popups on your website is as easy as pie. There are however a few different type of popup windows you can use.

The pop up window on exit, which pops up after you leave a website and the popup window on entry which obviously pops up when you first go to a website.

I prefer the exit popup. So when someone leaves  a page on your website they get a popup window asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

This can get annoying so what you want to do is use a popup that allows you to tell if a persons already seen your popup before so it won't keep showing.

You can find these sort of popup scripts at.....

Or if you want a piece of software to do it for you, check out

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