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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Your Blog Rings

Your Blog Rings

The concept behind the blog ring is a simple one: similar blogs join in a ring, each placing a link on their page to the next blog in the ring.  Visitors interested in the subject those blogs feature, be it model trains or Green politics, are encouraged to click on the link that leads to the next blog.  It’s usually a bad idea to send your visitors away, but in this case you’re receiving a price for the service: other blogs in the same ring are sending their traffic to you.

The number and type of blog rings is limited only by the types of blogs online, which is to say that unless your blog is absolutely unique in the blogosphere, there is probably a ring or three that will meet your needs.  But be careful joining a ring simply because it exists – remember, you’re sending some of your traffic away, and it’s not often wise to send traffic to your competitors.  That’s why it’s important, before you join a ring, to surf it around once or twice.  You’ll not only get to see the competition, you may learn a way to one-up it, making your blog stand out in a sea of similar information.

There are specialized blog rings for Australian blogs, romance writers, even those who blog about knitting.  With a little searching, you can find a blog ring that fits your content perfectly.

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