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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Sixteen

Affiliate Marketing Point 16: Why Webinars Work

Webinars work just as well, if not better than teleseminars. Webinars are ideal when courses are being taught. However, hosting a webinar is not free, and usually takes quite a bit more work before the presentation.

Typically a webinar will have callers on the telephone, where they will listen to a presentation or instructions that are visual as well, with the use of web conferencing software, on their computers.

With a teleseminar, all you need is your voice, and a plan for what is going to be said or discussed on the call. Again, a webinar takes a great deal more planning. You will need visuals as well, which will be used in conjunction with the web conferencing software so that your callers can see the visuals during the call, as you are talking.

Usually, the callers will need to download software before the call, however this usually doesn’t take very long at all, and instructions should be sent to them well in advance of the call.

While teleseminars may or may not be free for the participants, Webinars often have a fee for the participants to help offset the cost of the event. This of course will reduce the number of people who will be on the call.

If you do charge for your Webinars, it is important to keep the cost as low as possible, only charging what you need to in order to cover your costs – unless of course the webinar is the product. But, if the purpose of the webinar is to sell something else, try to make it free or very low cost for participants.

Overall, teleseminars are the way to go when promoting affiliate products. Again, a teleseminars series is best for high ticket items, while one call is usually sufficient for inexpensive items such as information products.

Depending on how content packed the teleseminar series will be, you could charge for participation, and use the teleseminar as your product, with the related affiliate products as cross sells or back end products. The same is true for Webinars.

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