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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Twenty-one

Affiliate Marketing Point 21: Find Super Affiliates

Generally, you don’t have to find super affiliates. They find you by becoming your affiliates, then by outselling all other affiliates. Simply pay attention to your monthly sales reports, and see who is doing well consistently. Your super affiliates may approach you before you approach them, wanting a higher commission. When this happens, give it to them!

You can also go out in search of super affiliates, and the best place to start is with your competition. Let your competition know about your affiliate program, and work with them personally. Let them know that if they wish to promote your product, you will be happier to give them a higher commission that you are offering other affiliates.

Also look for those who are successfully promoting products that are related to your product, but that are not in direct competition with your product. If your product was a vacuum cleaner, you would be seeking those who sell vacuum cleaner bags and carpet powders. Again, offer these people higher commissions for sales of your product than you are paying ordinary affiliates.

Finally, look for those people who are in your niche, but not in direct competition, that have large email lists. Offer to be a guest speaker on a teleseminar, with them, again, receiving larger commissions than usual for sales made during the teleseminar.

Super affiliates almost always get higher commissions than those who are not super affiliates. They deserve it. They generally put their hearts and souls into their promotions, and they keep themselves educated concerning marketing trends and tactics.

You may choose to structure commission payouts based on the number of sales being made within your affiliate agreement. This often motivates affiliates to reach those higher numbers, to collect higher commission payouts. For instance, if affiliates make between one and five sales per month, the payout may be 30%. If the affiliate makes between 5 and 20 sales, the payout may be 50%, and so on.

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