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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Seven

Affiliate Markting Point 7: You Must Have A List

Affiliate Promotion: Your Ezine

Ezine marketing is quite effective, if you have a quality list, and if you have a relationship with the subscribers on that list. The relationship you have formed is very important. Ideally, your subscribers should look to you for recommendations, viewing you as an expert in your niche.

If you haven’t already heard it, you will. The money is in the list. If a successful Internet Marketer had to start completely over from scratch, and he could only have one tool that he now uses, you can bet it would be his email list.

Building a list is a lot easier than you think. Do not buy subscribers from list building companies. These will not be qualified leads. Instead, build your list with squeeze pages. This is a page that you advertise in Google AdWords, typically giving something away, such as an ebook or a free report that is of interest to your list.

When the visitor arrives at this page, they are presented with a very short page that tells them how this report or ebook will benefit them – using just two or three paragraphs. You don’t want the visitor to have to scroll or spend a long time reading. They are in a hurry. Sum it up in two or three paragraphs at the most, and then provide them with an opt-in form to receive the information.

This opt-in form should be attached to your autoresponder, which should send them an email telling them where to receive their free ebook or download, and then adding that name and email address to your opt-in list for future use.

If you do not have a list, you need to contact those who do until you can get one built. Consider joint ventures with list owner’s, offering them a percentage of your commissions. Also, try to arrange it so that those list owner’s subscribers are going through your squeeze page to help you build your own list.

Respect your list. Never rent, sales, or share their information with others. Never send them spam, and make sure that the content you are sending is actual content, and not just sales letters. Also, back up your list often! If you are using an autoresponder, you should have the ability to export the list to your computer. Do this on a regular basis, then back the list up onto a disk. Put that disk in a fire proof safe in your home, or store it in a safety deposit box at a bank!

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