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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Four

Affiliate Marketing Point 4: Get The Best Affiliate Marketing Commission

“How much money will I make?” That is always the burning question. Well, the sky is virtually the limit, but let’s start by making sure that you get the best commission possible.

When you look at affiliate programs, this should be one of the first things you look at – the commission per sale. Again, this may be portrayed as a percentage, or as a dollar figure. If the commission is presented as a dollar figure, it is important to locate the sale price of the product, and figure the commission percentage.

Typically, you want to go with affiliate programs that offer a 50% commission. If the product is high priced, you may consider going as low as a 20% or 30% commission. But for lower priced products, don’t accept anything less than 50% on the 1st tier.

You should also consider how many sales it will take to earn the income that you desire or require. 100.00 per sale may sound like a lot, but if you require 4000.00 a month to live, you will have to make forty sales each month. This is very realistic for some products, in some markets, and not realistic at all for other products in other markets. Consider what you are selling, and whom you are selling it to, and determine whether the number of sales needed to make the money you require is indeed realistic.

If the number of sales required is not realistic, you will need to either look for something different to sell, or look for additional products to sell. You could also start small – with smaller commissions – and work your way up. This is what many super affiliates do.

Super affiliates often show the product owner/affiliate manager that they have the ability to make a large number of sales each and every month, consistently, and then they negotiate directly with the product owner for a higher commission. They prove themselves by making those sales first, and then they are in a position to negotiate.

When looking at the commission, also consider what it will cost you to promote the product. You cannot afford to spend more on promotions than you are making in commissions – obviously. Know your numbers!

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