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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Six

Affiliate Marketing Point 6: Promote the Affiliate Product and The Program

One mistake that affiliates often make, in terms of two-tiered programs or multi-tiered programs, is that they tend to spend most of their time trying to get others to sign up for the program, as an affiliate, and less time actually promoting the product.

Ideally, you should promote the product more and the affiliate programs as you go along, bringing your customers into the affiliate program after you’ve sold them the product. This tends to get you the most income in the long run.

Furthermore, with multi-tiered programs, residual income is not always available.  For instance, if Joe signs up under you as an affiliate in a two tiered program, he may have residual income from a sale, but you may only get a one time commission from that sale he makes. In this instance, you are better off selling the product, not the program, because you would make more in residual income from your own sales in the long run.

While it is nice to have others doing the work for you, the greatest income will come from the work that you do yourself. This also keeps the company that you are selling for stable. For example, if you only promote the program, which is free to join, and everyone that joins under you only promotes the program, nobody is going to make any money, including the company!

Find a balance between promoting the program and the product, promoting the product first, then promoting the program to those who have purchased the product.

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