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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Nineteen

Affiliate Marketing Point 19: Use The Right Affiliate Management Software

There are many options when it comes to affiliate management software. It is vital that you use software to monitor affiliate sales and commissions. Trying to keep up ‘manually’ is not an option.

You simply set up your affiliate program using web based software. Then, you write the affiliate terms and conditions, as well as the affiliate agreement, and get that posted on the site.

When writing the terms and the conditions, you determine what the commission structure will be for your program, including whether you will have a two-tiered or multi-tiered program, and what the commission payout will be for each tier. Following this, you list your program with the various affiliate directories online.

There are many different software titles that can be used to manage your affiliate program. Affiliate Wiz is good software, at , as is All Affiliate Pro at . There is also web based services that can be used, to run an affiliate program, such as 1ShoppingCart at .

There are even easier ways to set up an affiliate program by using an affiliate network, such as ClickBank at, Commission Junction at , or at . Again, there are many to choose from, and using a network to manage your program is usually the easiest and fastest way to get an affiliate program up and running.

The important thing is that the network or the software used should provide each affiliate automated sign up, and assign them an affiliate link. The software or service should then track clicks and sales, and record commissions earned by affiliates, based on the information you put into the system at the very beginning.

Ideally, affiliates should have the ability to log into a website to view their affiliate statistics, to retrieve creatives such as banners and ads, and to change their own contact information as needed. You will find that the more automated the affiliate program system you use is the more smoothly the program will run.

Use caution when selecting software or services for your affiliate program. Some services and software are very high priced, while others are very low priced – but not all affiliate program management services and/or software are created equal, and some are better than others. Read customer reviews and try to contact people who are using the software or service personally for a recommendation before buying one.

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