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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Twenty

Affiliate Marketing Point 20: Keep Your Affiliates Motivated

Keeping affiliates motivated is most likely the biggest hurdle you will face while operating your own affiliate program. Again, some people will sign up for your affiliate program, and then never take any action to promote the product – no matter how much you try to motivate them.

On the other hand, there are those that will sign up with every intention of following through and becoming successful. These are the folks that need your attention, and you must work to keep them motivated.

Start by giving them the tools that they can use to successfully promote your program. Provide them with banners, ads, sales letters, ebooks they can re-brand with their affiliate links, and articles that they can re-brand as well.

Direct them to information that teaches them how to market online, or provide them with this information yourself. You may be able to work out a deal with someone who has a marketing course to allow your affiliates to take the course at a reduced rate, or, depending on the deal, for free.

Stay in constant contact with your affiliates. Send them newsletters that suggest new ways to promote the product. Provide them with marketing related content that they can use. Update them on new creatives, and new promotions such as sale prices and bonuses.

Consider running contests, giving the affiliate who makes the most sales in a given period of time a great prize. Make the prize worth while, such as a television, a computer system, or something of that nature. The more valuable the prize is, the harder the affiliates will work at promoting your product.

Send personal notes to those affiliates who are making the highest numbers of sales. Also recognize these people in your newsletter. When high sales are being made, it means the affiliate really knows what they are doing, and they may have tips or ideas to offer to other affiliates.

Likewise, when you have an affiliate who is obviously trying, but not making many sales, contact them personally to give them tips and advice. Help your affiliate be successful – this simply increases your own success.

Once your affiliate program is really raking in some cash, plan an event for your affiliates. You can even give away all expense paid trips for the event as contest prizes throughout the year, and those who do not win throughout the year that wish to attend should pay their own travel costs, hotel costs, and meal costs.

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