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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Affiliate Marketing Point Seventeen

Affiliate Marketing Point 17: Know How To Get Participation

You’re all set to do a teleseminar. You’ve lined up some experts, you’ve outlined some great content for the call, and you have a product that your target market really needs. But how do you get participation?

Start with your list. Set up a page where people can register for the call, and then contact your list, letting them know the date, time, and topic of the call, and where to register. Consider throwing in some bonuses, which will be given out at the end of the call, such as a free ebook or report.

If you have an expert that will be on the call, ask them to notify their list, if they have one, about the call as well. Also, consider purchasing ads in related ezines to inform those ezine readers about the call as well. You should start notifying people no more than a week in advance, and no less than a few days before the all is to take place.

Don’t expect thousands of people on the call. You really don’t want more than 100, and free conference services usually won’t allow more than this without charging. Even if you just get five or ten people on the call, you are good to go.

Remember, these people are interested enough to dial a long distance number and listen to what you have to say. Your sales ratio from the people on the call will most likely be high, if the information presented was good.

You can also promote the call with PPC, and use the registrations from that to build your email list, if you don’t already have one. Again, this is a great way to build a quality list of qualified leads.

Finally, get the participants pumped up about the call. After they register, send them an email telling them in more detail what will be covered on the call, and how they will benefit from the information presented. A day before the call, send another email reminding them of the call, and again a few hours before the call is to start. People sign up for things and then promptly forget, you must remind them!

Have your next call in mind before the end of each teleseminar series, and let the participants know what is coming up in the future. You may already be able to send them to a registration page for the next teleseminar series. Registration for each call in a series should not be required – one sign up for the whole series is all that is needed, but registration for future series should be required.

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